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The city of fish and Kitaro Sakaiminato Guide for Sightseeing

Festivals and Events


Parade of Fishing Boats

Port Festival

The Port Festival, which takes place late in July, consists of various events. The festival starts with praying rituals for the success of fishery, the safety of sea traffic and the prosperity of the port. The Port Festival closes with fireworks, a dancing parade and other events. One of these, the Sea Parade, is especially majestic and features over 60 ships running through the Sakai Channel, each decorated with banners which signify a “good catch of fish”.


Praying Ritual for Good Catch of Fish(Offering of tuna)


Free clab soup service

Marine Products Festival

This festival takes place in mid October and is held at the Fish Market and its surrounding vicinities. Visitors can experience the vitality of Sakaiminato by walking through the market as fresh fish and processed seafood are being sold, sampling crab soup and by watching traditional performances. The festival starts to get busy from early in the morning, with visitors scrambling to buy fine seafood at discount prices during this event.


Marine Products Festival


Marine Sports

Using Sakaiminato Public Marina as a base, yacht sailing and other aquatic sports are very active.


Beach Volleyball

National beach volleyball tournaments are played on the beautiful beach which is surrounded by white sands and green pine trees. The beach is designated as one of the official selection of Japan’s best 100 beaches.


Calling for Information
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